The Universal Rewards Program

Toprix Project

At a shop or a restaurant or any other business that is using Toprix Business as their customer rewards program, you can easily earn reward points during checkout. Simply install Toprix app on your device, present your Toprix QR code to the cashier to scan at checkout. The reward points you earned can be redeemed as discount at any business that is using Toprix Business App.

You can also obtain a merchant membership card from a business that is using Toprix Business. Once you recharge the membership card at the business by making a payment in advance, you can use the membership card balance to pay for the purchase at that business during checkout and earn reward points at the same time.

You can review all your reward points activities and all membership card recharge, spend history in Toprix app as well.

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Eazycom Project

For Eazycom Pty Ltd

Eazycom is our newly established epochmaking one-stop solution for integrated class house services. It integrates products, services, technology and human in one place.

Eazycom fulfills users' requirements of their house developing and maintaining in simple steps and is accessible for multiple platforms.

Eazycom also ensures the quality of all products and services by standardizing all through the process. It eliminates the problems of information asymmetry and inefficiency. For most important, all users are allowed to gain rewards from Eazycom by participating.

Eazycom, makes your life easier and better.

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